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Are you looking to make real money on an affiliate program, but don't know how? You can start today by joining the Pierre's Affiliate Program!

Pierre has teamed up with Share a Sale to provide you the best and easiest affiliate program. Join our Share a Sale affiliate program and receive 17% on each Transaction. ** Incentives will be given for high volume affiliates **

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Why Join

Pierre Silber will pay 17% in Cash for each qualified sales lead. Average commission is roughly $10-15.00 per sales lead.

Pierre is one of the leaders in Sexy Clothing, Footwear, and Sexy Costumes on the Internet Today.

You can advertise one or thousands of our products and turn your click throughs into cash easily.

Advertise Different Categories and create a beautiful looking website or find more content using our products.

Choose What Works Best for You:

As an affiliate, you have several easy options to choose from. * Choose one of our banners and link straight to our home page. * Recommend a specific type of product or categories such as High Heels, Lingerie, Leather, Latex, Sexy Costumes or more. * Or just show our complete product line!

Using the Pierre Silber website you can display thousands of products on your website as an easy way to make your website more valuable for your visitors and increase visits. You can start advertising any of our products today! It's free to join, so there's money to be made and nothing to lose!

Signing up is easy and you will be paid by share a sale - one of the leading online affilate program. Unfortunately cancelled or returned orders before the 45 day will not be counted in the affiliate stats.

Each affilate must sign up. We will keep your correct information on file to protect against fraud. Once signed up you will receive your own special URL Link where you will be able to track all information regarding your affiliate program.

If you joined Pierre Silber's Affiliate program before 2006 and not Share a Sale click here to receive your payment? Click Here

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The official rules of our affiliate program can be changed at anytime for any reason. Also, please note that affiliates who abuse the Pierre Silber name or do not represent Pierre Silber correctly will be removed without any official notice. We encourage all affiliates to work with us at anytime if you need special assistance. Also, if you are a power seller and have accumulated $100,000 or more in 1 year as a Pierre Silber affiliate, we will be able to adjust our affiliate sales scale for you. For more information or to contact us please send all inquiries to Subject line: AFFILIATE INFORMATION